Fab Factory Adjustable Exhaust for the Polaris Slingshot

Fab Factory – user changeable exhaust note.  is fully TIG welded and back purged, made from the highest quality 304 stainless steel components available in the fabrication industry. This exhaust combines a straight flow-through muffler design to release exhausts gases as quickly as possible, but also uses engineered sound via its integrated Helmholtz resonator tube. This “anti-drone tube” not only helps to remove drone at given cruising RPM’s, but it also helps settle the unwanted tones common with free flowing exhaust systems. 
Fab Factory created a design that has a baffle interchange system and have included (3) baffleinserts to change the sound of your new exhaust from a slight increase overstock up to the roaring beast. No need to specify the sound you are looking for, YOU, the end user, are able tochange between inserts in just a few minutes.  
How do I change the exhaust note? Your exhaust isfitted with a v-band flange assembly near the tip of the exhaust.  V-bandflanges and matching V-band clamp are a common replacement for bolt flanges onmost high end exhaust systems across the automotive industry.  Rather thanusing hardware to keep a set of flanges together, the v-bands are pulledtogether and tightened via one v-band clamp surrounding them.  Anotherbenefit of using the v-band system is NO gasket is needed between the flanges, because of the air tight seal generated from the pressure the v-band clamp applies between the two flanges.  Fab Factory has gone outside the box anddesigned a way to use this v-band flange system to capture our baffle insertsand keep them in place. Due to the ease of removing a V-band flanged joint, ourinsert baffles are as easy to change as removing a clamp.  Each baffleself-centers the v-band flanges and makes for seamless exchange in justminutes.   
How should I choose the appropriate baffle?  Toclassify the (3) different baffles, we took decibel readings of each of thesetups, including stock. For starters, gauge the sound increase you’d like overstock using the readings below.  Install the baffle that resembles theoutcome you are looking for, install it in the v-band system and install yourexhaust.  While not as easy as when the exhaust is uninstalled, bafflescan still be interchanged from the underside of your Slingshot. The includedbaffles consist of the following: (1) closed end baffle, (1) open end baffle,and (1) locator baffle (flat insert)
Decibel readings of each (taken from passengerseat):

Stock: Idle - 56, 4k RPM - 74
Exhaust w/ closed baffle: Idle - 63, 4k RPM - 76
Exhaust w/ open baffle: Idle - 65, 4k RPM - 81
Exhaust w/o baffle: Idle- 70, 4k RPM - 83

So, pick your poison - MILD to WILD - Fab Factory has you covered!
We’ve had several customers ask us about the lack of a gasket with the Fab Factory exhaust system. This is our intention! You should NOT be usinga gasket with the Fab Factory exhaust system, here's why:
The factory manifoldmating flange and our exhaust flange are both flat machined surfaces. When theyfit together and are torqued, there should be no leak. Our exhaust system hasvery little back pressure, and air flow will always take the path of leastresistance, out the tip. Adding a gasket, which usually either overhangs intothe flow internally, or allows a small void, (if the gasket ID is slightlylarger than the flow path) causes turbulence and changes pressures at theflange mating point. This simple change in pressure can cause a leak justfrom having the gasket present. Once a gasket leak begins, hot exhaust flowwill continue to tear up that gasket, until that gasket is burnt from theinside out. Once the gasket blows out, your exhaust is loose, flanges warp, andit’s very hard to get a proper seal again without re-machining the flanges.
This "lack of gasket" theory is everywhere in the turbo world these days. No bigpower turbo cars use a gasket between the exhaust housing and the exhaustmanifold (T3, T4 mating flange etc) for this same reason. In the turboinstance, considerable internal pressures are present as well (unlike ourexhaust) yet still do not leak. If both mating surfaces are true and flat, they will seal!

Fab Factory Adjustable Exhaust for the Polaris Slingshot

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